Hyner View Challenge 2019 - Go Beyond Comfort

top of Humble Hill at Hyner View just the beginning….

top of Humble Hill at Hyner View
just the beginning….

rocks and cliffs and rushing waters oh my

rocks and cliffs and rushing waters oh my

Just three little hills........ hahaha

This insane Challenge called Hyner View has been a part of my world for the past decade.

My dad has been a monster of a trail runner since I was born

I remember going to Ohio for a whole weekend to play in cricks and watch him tread along for 100 Miles through the night in the dark aid station to aid station we'd trail him on his unthinkable feat.

My mum and dad had me doing 5k races every summer and groundhog day from the age of 7......we'd get up every morning before school and run 3 miles....it was just a part of my life.

I grew up a bit, and got out of running not wanting to kill myself for the endorphins that were sure to come after all the pain and sweat

Then came Hyner..................first year was my first year of college at IUP. I hadn't ran extensively in years but I was all about going to exercise classes at the gym and my whole family was going to do it so i thought, why the hell not?

Went, was amazed, did it. Done.

Never thought this would be the biggest event every April in PA for me and my trail running family from Punxsy and out here in the pawilds.

This shit is definitely NOT for the birds.... or the weak of heart

Every year that begins anew I start training for Hyner and ask myself why the hell am I doing this? As I get to the starting line and know the fate that is before me for the next grueling 4 ish hours I again tell myself, "i'm never doing this again" lolol

Never fails, after all said and done and the beer has been drank and the soreness has gone away after 2-3 days we're signed up for next year ! lol

beautiful views out here !

beautiful views out here !

Long distance running is some kind of torturous fun.......the feeling of achievement in knowing you can accomplish such an incredible physical and mental challenge is such a rush.

In my mind, I think of Hyner Race Day as a loving event.... like a teddy bear that I'm waiting every year to squeeze again

But when I'm actually in the thick of it the mountains are for real. The rocks are endless as are the roots and the usual 40 some crossings of creeks was especially insane this year with raging waters up to my knees

shoes soaked and holding what seemed like 5 gallons of water each

mudslides that held us back 30 minutes after the first mile of our journey

telling myself over and over "I'm going to walk the last 5 miles after SOB..." and then I start chatting with a woman who just ran a 50 miler last weekend and finished 30 some miles of it!!! what the hell......if she can do that, I can surely do this....

So I start moving forward, placing one foot in front of another at a faster rate than before....pretty soon I'm back in a groove.... then the mind chatter comes over me again as I confirm the pain in my hips and knees as "horrible...." "not okay..." lol all that and finally hobbling down the last hill....a friend runs by encouraging me, "let's go Adrienne !" so I push and continue to rise above what I didn't think was possible before and RUN my way across the bridge for the last mile and up the killer finish hill to the finish line <3

This year time of 4:47 (that's hours and minutes) and feeling SO GOOD about that time (last years was 4:07 but the trails had nowhere near the water we had this year) and by the way beating everyone I came with - my dad, Dane, Craig, and Gary and nephew Gunnar !!! lol that's right guys

The heavens were with us holding back the thunder storms during the morning of the race and sprinkling only dribbles that felt like a splash of inspiration during times when I thought for sure I had to stop out of dehydration.... all of it is magical and I can't even understand it with my head...its just all heart

Running has become a major therapy for me

Space to get out there and let myself meditate on anything going on that isn't sitting right.... a space to clear my head completely and focus on my body sensation and my breath for miles on end....to breathe in the fresh air and feel the nature all around me....to cope with my emotional state and get to the point of realizing

"this really isn't that bad at all what you're going through and you can and will persevere"

Running got me outta depression when I didn't know which direction to go in life or how to express my gifts and cares in the world. Getting on my feet and going out there is the best thing for my body, my heart, my soul, and definitely my mind. Running isn't for everyone........but those who do it get it

you'll never feel as good as on a runner's high .... in a masochistic kind of way ;)

THATS THE BEST ABOUT RUNNING AND ESPECIALLY THIS DAMN RACE : challenging your mind with your body to accomplish more than you ever thought possible. going beyond comfort and pushing through pain just like the other 1,400 people are doing around you on these brutal trails. Surprising yourself when you think you can't go on that actually you can and you will. And not really understanding how all the pain and suffering amounts to feelings of satisfaction and excitement at the end but its the truth

I always say I won't do this again......but I'm sure you'll all see me out in Sproul State Forest again in 2020.....

so much love to all you trail runners out there !

Metta Meditation Night April 2019

Last night’s meditation was focusing on giving love to ourselves and to others

Metta is a word that means loving-kindness

this loving kindness isn’t a wanting or a longing…… its the kind of love that pours forth without needing anything in return and is free of any holding….. like the love you give to your own dog or cat…. the love you give to your child or sibling or parent…….. the kind of love you just can’t help but give

Have you ever intended this kind of loving-kindness to yourself?

What if you sent yourself as much love as you do your pet/child/mother/best friend ?

How would that feel ?

The practice of Metta Meditation starts with yourself.

if this is easier, think of yourself as a small child - full of wonder and innocence

Instead of focusing on the breath or the body sensation or anything else, we focus on the words:

May I be happy

May I be peaceful

May I be at ease

Adding any phrase that feels natural and good to you….

Repeating to yourself in your mind as you really feel the vibration of the words coming again and again

May I be happy

May I be peaceful

May I be at ease

concentrating on those words and noticing what comes up in the body in the realm of sensation, emotion, feeling….. noticing without trying to change anything… just continuing to focus on the phrases as you repeat them

Continuing to do so for yourself for 3-5 minutes or as long as you like….

(if you feel that this is not easy to do for yourself, you can start with your loved one and then practice giving this mantra to yourself)

Then think of someone who you love, who has helped you in some major way in life, who supports you and loves you endlessly back

May this person be happy

May they be peaceful

May they be at ease

Repeat the phrases above or the ones you chose picturing your loved one receiving the words and the loving - kindness behind the words as you say them in your mind for 3-5 minutes (or as long as you like)

Noticing what comes up…… and bringing yourself back to the phrases if you become distracted in any way

Next up think of someone who is neutral to your life….. someone who maybe you see working in the grocery store… or pumping your gas….. or walking on the street…. someone who you know nothing about and haven’t really had any contact with in your life experience…

Send them Metta -

May this person be happy

May they be peaceful

May they be full of ease

Picture the person you are focusing on in your mind and really send them loving - kindness , imagine them receiving your goodwill and experiencing the happiness, the peacefulness, the ease… in their life

even though you don’t know them … offering them a bit of love because just you , they want to be happy, they want to be peaceful, they want to enjoy ease in their life

Continue this way for a couple of minutes and see if you can stay focused on one particular person

Now,,, this part can be challenging for some but give it a go and do your best

Bring to mind someone in your life who is not easy to get along with….someone who annoys you or has wronged you….. bring that person in your mind’s eye and send them Metta the best you can

May this person be happy

May they be peaceful

May they be full of ease

There may be a lot of resistance with this one…. there may be uneasiness in your own body and mind and emotions…. witness to yourself what comes up and what you experience as you say this for them… picturing this person who is not so easy to get along with in your mind as you repeat the mantra or phrases of Metta listed above
if this is just too difficult for you to do - go back to giving yourself or someone you really love the phrases… offering the happiness, the peace, the ease to them or yourself…….

Even if you go one round to this difficult person , faking it until you make it happen….

This meditation is a practice of love - of unconditional love to all beings

In practicing it…. we realize in even a small way that we are alll similar… that we ALL love experiencing love and happiness and peacefulness and ease in our lives

That really when life boils down….. we see that we aren’t really that different underneath all the characteristics , beliefs , perspectives , and life experiences ….

We all have the same emotions….we all wish to be warm and safe and happy and well……..

Wouldn’t that be nice if we gave each other loving-kindness no matter what we did or said all the time?

As you finish take some long healing breaths

Coming back to your body , your heart, your mind

Feeling any sensations that arise and see if you can be with those sensations…those emotions….. giving them your full attention and respect for a couple more breaths

Slowly opening your eyes and stretching a bit through your arms, torso neck and legs

You have now completed the Metta Meditation

This is my favorite meditation that many of the great Buddhist teachers lead… like Pema Chodron and Sharon Salzberg

I will do an audio of this at some point soon so that you all can follow along with it

As you read through this either write down the phrases or even focusing on one…. try this meditation of loving - kindness to yourself, to your loved one, to a stranger, and to someone who is difficult in your life

as you continue to practice this as often as you like…..watch as your capacity to love and understand others and show compassion for others continues to grow and shine

Love to you


Old habits, New Habits...Being Honest and Clear with Ourselves & Strengthening our Core

Last night in yoga we talked a little bit about breaking habits, and starting new ones....

research says it takes 21 days to break a habit...

my experience says some habits take years to break / bring on depending on what the habit is and how long you took part in those actions.....

personally for me there are certain foods/drinks that I know I do not feel good in my energy level, connective tissue elasticity, and head around my eyes, base of skull, and temples when i eat them - specifically sugary sweets / fried food / alcohol ...... my body really doesn't like this kind of food at all.....but when I'm around it I absentmindedly eat and drink my fill like I used to when I was younger and less aware of my body/mind/heart connection and so much less loving to myself !!

this has been an ongoing lesson of awareness and self-love to say no to these old habits that I can feel now do not serve me whatsoever....the more i remember every time I'm surrounded by these foods at parties or wherever

(like choosing Organic healthy whole foods straight from the Earth OVER quick/easy to grab processed foods already made and boxed up with preservatives/sugars/etc at the grocery store !!

there is sometimes a time/taste sacrifice in eating healthy AND the payback of feeling good, light, easy and free is soooo worth every healthy whole foods choice

Kundalini Yoga says to practice a specific set for 40 days and that will break anything preventing you from achieving the outcome the set is offering to you (set for strong core-doing the practice for 40 days straight releases anything holding you back from cultivating a strong core)

also say you want to quit gluten to help release inflammation from the body and in doing so release stiffness/achiness - there are still some remnants of gluten throughout your system unless you totally cut it all out for 40 days. (something i'm working on and haven't made it quite yet...lol)

for strengthening our will power and willingness to let go of habits that don't serve us,,, and to have the will to bring forth habits that give us our best life possible - we focus on our core - at our bellies, just below the belly button - center of will power / strength / true self








SHOULDER STRETCHES - remembering to move from the core in all we give out and receive in life


When we open ourselves up to really seeing ourselves, seeing the good, the bad, the ugly….when we accept all of it and don’t try to hide anything from ourselves………we see such preciousness…. each one of us underneath all of the layers and constructs that we have built up for ourselves there is strength and love

continue shining that deep truth within you out. you are a beautiful soul and I am honored you are here right now

Don’t forget to jump in the cold shower!!! Or get a hot one and then turn the water down to cold and let it spray on your back, rubbing your muscles with your hands, then letting the water spray on your face arms and feet. AMAZINGLY INVIGORATING and RELEASES ALL ANXIETY AND WORRY

Cold Shower Hydrotherapy ^^^^^^ You gotta try it !

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO CAME LAST NIGHT !!!! I enjoy leading so so so much, and I enjoy you all being a part of my life and allowing me to lead you.

The light in me honors and sees the light in you

Namaste Yogis

Practicing Meditation::: Meditation Night 1st Wednesday of Every Month at 6pm

A Simple Meditation Technique & Ways to Calm                                                  Adrienne Fye, LMT, Yoga instructor, herbalist

 Meditation from Pema Chödrön

The Importance of Knowing Ourselves

Meditation practice awakens our trust that the wisdom and compassion that we need are already within us. It’s vital to help know ourselves: Our rough parts and our smooth parts, our passion, aggression, ignorance, and wisdom. The reason that people harm other people, the reason that the planet is polluted and people and animals are not doing so well these days is that individuals don’t know, trust or love themselves enough. 

Breath Awareness

In shamatha-vipashyana meditation, we sit upright with legs crossed and eyes open, hands resting on our thighs. Then we simply become aware of our breath as it goes out. It requires precision to be right there with that BREATH. On the other hand, it’s extremely relaxed and soft. 

Other things capture our attention slightly, but they don’t need to draw us off. We can continue to sit right here, aware of the breath going out.

Labeling Thoughts

But being with the breath is only part of the technique. These thoughts that run through our minds continually are the other part. We sit here talking to ourselves. The instruction is that when you realize you’ve been thinking, you label it ‘thinking.’ When your mind wanders off, you say to yourself, ‘thinking.’


Use the labeling part of the technique as an opportunity to develop softness and compassion for yourself. Anything that comes up is okay in the arena of meditation. The point is, you can see it honestly and make friends with it. Although it is embarrassing and painful, it is very healing to stop hiding from yourself.

Knowing Yourself

It is healing to know all the ways that you’re sneaky, all the ways that you hide out, all the ways that you shut down, deny, close off, criticize people; all your weird little ways. You can know all of that with some sense of humor and kindness.

Compassion for others begins with kindness to ourselves.

Using Crystals during your meditation:

Amethyst quartz calms the conscious mind so that wisdom and guidance of the intuitive self can surface. Amethyst soothes the conscious mind and relaxes the tensions resultant from long stressful days, making it possible to enjoy restful sleep at night.

Citrine quartz expels negative energy from you and the area the stone is in. Lighter shades of citrine promote clarity of the mind, and they are especially beneficial to the endocrine and digestive system. Deeper more fiery colored citrine crystals work to transmute fears on an emotional (or mental) level. Citrine works to release any blockages and congestion of the solar plexus.

 First you’ll want to get to know your crystal. 

sleep with it under your pillow or keep it in your pocket or nearby. 

cleanse/bless your crystal before using as a meditation aid.

Hold your crystal and visualize its properties flooding into every cell, so much that you become one with it.

Using essential oils to increase your calm and availability to meditate: Essential oils can enhance the meditation experience, promote relaxation, and encourage spiritual openness. 

Lavender: anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, relaxant. calming properties puts your mind in the right frome to achieve clarity and enlightenment from meditation. balances you and helps you focus.

Frankincense: the most powerful oil for the spirit. Brings grounding, balancing, openness. Reduces pain ad inflammation , relieves stress and clears nasal passages. Best for the health of your body mind and spiit. 

Sandalwood: extremely cleansing and can break up negative thoughts and stress that cloud your mind. Hypotensive-can help lower your blood pressure so you can physically relax during meditation.

Clary Sage: used by cultures all over the world for thousands of years to remove negative energies from a space. can clear any room of negative energies that can influence and distract the mind from focusing. Antidpressant qualities help lift your mood.

We gather together every 1st Wednesday evening of the month to become quiet and still, to be with ourselves and focus on liberating ourselves out of the constant going we do in our minds and bodies. This is a wonderful space. All are welcome.

Crystals and Essential Oils are available at AGBodywork studio downtown Punxsy.

Any questions comment below and let us know

Do - It - Yourself (DIY) Class Tonight after Yoga!

We are starting to hold DIY gatherings with therapeutic essential oils every week! Tonights class is make your own bug and sun spray to keep your skin safe from summer's pests

we will learn which oils are great to repel bugs and keep your skin supple and sun-proof and why they work. why using this is better for your health than the stuff you get at the store and even how it works great on pets!

next week will be on Thursday evening at 6:30pm 


watch our fb page for updates!!

Recognize Your Purpose and Fulfill Your Destiny

Recognize Your Purpose and Fulfill Your Destiny

Reprinted from KRI Level 2 Life Cycles & Lifestyles

Yogi Bhajan said something unusual when speaking about goals and the human approach to life. He said that it was very inhuman to seek, to look for something and try to get it. Instead he implored us to recognize and deliver; to be still and let things come to you. He did not mean for us to be passive. He meant we have the power to be radiant—radiant literally, in our auras. And radiant figuratively, in the charisma that comes to us when we are clear, congruent, and conscious. When we recognize and project our identity, then everything that completes that identity will naturally come to us. It’s a first principle of the consciousness of abundance. He called this attribute “Presence.”

When we recognize our destiny and the purpose that accompanies it, we become present in a tangible and powerful way. This is not an intellectual exercise, neither is it the result of a list of goals, nor is it the expertise you may have developed over time and experience. Presence and purpose encompass all our goals and sort out the irrelevant ones while giving life to the important ones.

We all experience this presence at times. Often it is unintentional. It awakens in us as we are absorbed in doing something we are committed to. At other times we are driven to rediscover and align to our real purpose out of circumstance—usually an unpleasant one. This sometimes happens when success gives way to depression or boredom; when we experience an inexplicable, gradual drift from the sense of meaning in what we do; when a major transition upsets our life—by change of job, residence, marriage, death, war, or disaster; or when we are pressed by our own natural cycles of maturation to re-evaluate what, how, and why we do things.

According to Yogi Bhajan destiny is already given by our totality, by the momentum and potential of each of our actions over lifetimes, and by God. He also says we can change our destiny to some degree by how we think, our ability to extend our aura, and optimize the functions of our chakras and subtle centers. Both things are true. The lived destiny that we have and the purpose that we fulfill are dynamic things, not static. They emerge from our relationship between our finite self and our Infinite Self. If we open our chakras with Kundalini Yoga and we establish a clear identity and consciousness, then we create and become aware of our highest destiny.

We can tune in to our destiny and clarify it even as we co-create it through our discipline, commitment, and capacity. We can express it in words or phrases that capture not “what,” like a goal, or “how” like a strategy, but “who and why.” There’s nothing wrong with being busy and even skilled at climbing the ladder quickly; just be sure the ladder is up against the right building!

Our brain has evolved over time to recognize patterns and to try and predict what’s going to happen next from those patterns. We are hard-wired to search for predictability and security. You are so attuned to recognizing patterns that you your entire life is suffused with your destiny. Your lived purpose leaves footprints everywhere across the landscape of your experiences. You just need to focus, to open up your perception and let the pattern uncover itself.

Put aside your expectations and replace them with a neutral anticipation and childlike curiosity
Put aside your judgments of good and bad and dwell in gratitude with what is real
Put aside beliefs and imprints from others and claim the beliefs that are authentic to your heart, soul, and experience
Put aside your doubts and see your talents and gifts—emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially.
Put aside the constant whir of your life for the stillness and intuitive sensitivity of your consciousness
In this way, the pattern of your destiny and the direction of your purpose will stand in this present moment and through every moment of your life just as the pull of the current shapes the form of a river. As you sense that pull of destiny, capture it in words that will stir your passion for life and inspire others as well.


This weekend we are going to team up with the Mahoning Valley Trails and get our stretch in early - 8AM to be exact and go all out for the 10k and 5k races starting at the ballfields. 

We hope that you come pre-race stretch with us or just get out of bed bright and early, get your yoga calm on and have the rest of the day to enjoy and relax. 

Join us at vandyke&company this saturday at 8AM for morning stretch wake up yoga , followed by the Mahoning Shadow Shuffle race starting at 10AM. Run or walk, this awesome annual event benefits our local trails that are beautiful for bike riding, running and walking. 

10K is $20 to enter and 5K is $15 to enter. There is also a half marathon starting at 9AM if you dare......


ACRO was super low key and fun tonight out in the yard at Santosha Yoga. 

We played, took some amazing photos of us that will be posted shortly, and relaxed through the gorgeous sunset. 


Bring a partner, bring yourself & your mat. weather depending we'll be out in the elements or in our home studio stretching breathing trusting each other. 

See you there <3