Practicing Meditation::: Meditation Night 1st Wednesday of Every Month at 6pm

A Simple Meditation Technique & Ways to Calm                                                  Adrienne Fye, LMT, Yoga instructor, herbalist

 Meditation from Pema Chödrön

The Importance of Knowing Ourselves

Meditation practice awakens our trust that the wisdom and compassion that we need are already within us. It’s vital to help know ourselves: Our rough parts and our smooth parts, our passion, aggression, ignorance, and wisdom. The reason that people harm other people, the reason that the planet is polluted and people and animals are not doing so well these days is that individuals don’t know, trust or love themselves enough. 

Breath Awareness

In shamatha-vipashyana meditation, we sit upright with legs crossed and eyes open, hands resting on our thighs. Then we simply become aware of our breath as it goes out. It requires precision to be right there with that BREATH. On the other hand, it’s extremely relaxed and soft. 

Other things capture our attention slightly, but they don’t need to draw us off. We can continue to sit right here, aware of the breath going out.

Labeling Thoughts

But being with the breath is only part of the technique. These thoughts that run through our minds continually are the other part. We sit here talking to ourselves. The instruction is that when you realize you’ve been thinking, you label it ‘thinking.’ When your mind wanders off, you say to yourself, ‘thinking.’


Use the labeling part of the technique as an opportunity to develop softness and compassion for yourself. Anything that comes up is okay in the arena of meditation. The point is, you can see it honestly and make friends with it. Although it is embarrassing and painful, it is very healing to stop hiding from yourself.

Knowing Yourself

It is healing to know all the ways that you’re sneaky, all the ways that you hide out, all the ways that you shut down, deny, close off, criticize people; all your weird little ways. You can know all of that with some sense of humor and kindness.

Compassion for others begins with kindness to ourselves.

Using Crystals during your meditation:

Amethyst quartz calms the conscious mind so that wisdom and guidance of the intuitive self can surface. Amethyst soothes the conscious mind and relaxes the tensions resultant from long stressful days, making it possible to enjoy restful sleep at night.

Citrine quartz expels negative energy from you and the area the stone is in. Lighter shades of citrine promote clarity of the mind, and they are especially beneficial to the endocrine and digestive system. Deeper more fiery colored citrine crystals work to transmute fears on an emotional (or mental) level. Citrine works to release any blockages and congestion of the solar plexus.

 First you’ll want to get to know your crystal. 

sleep with it under your pillow or keep it in your pocket or nearby. 

cleanse/bless your crystal before using as a meditation aid.

Hold your crystal and visualize its properties flooding into every cell, so much that you become one with it.

Using essential oils to increase your calm and availability to meditate: Essential oils can enhance the meditation experience, promote relaxation, and encourage spiritual openness. 

Lavender: anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, relaxant. calming properties puts your mind in the right frome to achieve clarity and enlightenment from meditation. balances you and helps you focus.

Frankincense: the most powerful oil for the spirit. Brings grounding, balancing, openness. Reduces pain ad inflammation , relieves stress and clears nasal passages. Best for the health of your body mind and spiit. 

Sandalwood: extremely cleansing and can break up negative thoughts and stress that cloud your mind. Hypotensive-can help lower your blood pressure so you can physically relax during meditation.

Clary Sage: used by cultures all over the world for thousands of years to remove negative energies from a space. can clear any room of negative energies that can influence and distract the mind from focusing. Antidpressant qualities help lift your mood.

We gather together every 1st Wednesday evening of the month to become quiet and still, to be with ourselves and focus on liberating ourselves out of the constant going we do in our minds and bodies. This is a wonderful space. All are welcome.

Crystals and Essential Oils are available at AGBodywork studio downtown Punxsy.

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